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Where EVERYONE is a PRO!

Here at Factory Modification and Design our primary focus is to build high-quality, custom-made goalie gear for each of our customers.

My 27 years in the goalie equipment business has taught me many things.  One of the most important is customer service.  We put a great deal of value in spending time to educate you, the customer, in our process.

At Factory Modification and Design we believe the most important element in a goalie's gear is functionality.  This is why we design and  build with function being our top priority.

In manufacturing our product, we deal with one customer at a time.  This is sort of old-fashioned in the business but it allows us to focus on your individual needs.

In building our gear, we use the finest materials the industry can provide.  We do not build stock.  Every piece of equipment is built to your exact specifications. 


Whether you are new to goal tending, or a professional, you have our full attention and commitment.  We would like your next set of gear to be our primary focus.

Let us treat you like a pro!

Factory Modification and Design