Catch Glove

All of the catch gloves at Factory Modification and Design are built per order.  The break in the Factory Catch Glove accommodates the natural movement of the hand.  Though we have a general platform that we build from, we can tailor our gloves to fit every goalie's needs.  Some of the unique features of our catch glove are: 


  • Wax lace pocket
  • Removable palm pad
  • Floating T web
  • Game-ready upon delivery
  • Pro-built intermediate sizing
  • Black nash hand and finger stalls
  • Low density thumb shim for comfort
  • Custom graphics upon request







All of the blockers at Factory Modification and Design are built per order.  We offer two different boards on our blockers.  One board offers a flatter profile, the second board offers more kick to the back side.  Some unique features of our blockers are:  


  • Customer replaceable nose wear pad
  • Lace-in finger protection
  • Superior finger protection
  • Board forward positioning
  • Black nash palms
  • Pro-built intermediate sizing






Leg Pads

Our leg pads at Factory Modification and Design are also built per custom order.  Our general building platform is designed with narrow butterfly in mind, however; we will build to suit your specific needs.  Because our customer base includes high-level goalies that like to be active in the build process, our leg pads have some unique options.  This allows the customer to play an active role in customizing their leg pads.  Some unique features of our leg pads are:


  • Lace-grid fastening system for easy part replacement
  • Flared thigh section for superior ice sealing
  • Bridged face for rebound control
  • Anti-squat internals
  • Hand-shaped toe inset
  • Flexible scoop section
  • Multiple break options
  • Open knee cradle
  • Wedge design shin cradle
  • Custom thigh drop

Parts and Accessories

In addition to our custom gear, Factory Modification and Design can supply you with a variety of parts and accessories.  If you have a custom part that you would like, we can satisfy your needs.  If you need replacement parts for your gear, let us know. Some of the supplies we can provide are: 


  • Toe assemblies
  • Trims
  • Lacing needles
  • Lace
  • Foam
  • Jenpro
  • Fasteners
  • Straps- nylon and leather
  • Elastics
  • Hardware